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Koschitzky Mastering Studio


Carlos Koschitzky, one of the most respected engineers in the country in what refers to electronic music sound, opens its new production studio and mastering. Carlos with more than 20 years of career behind him , begins a new solo career after many years of working with Cristian Varela , starting with his new studio in an unbeatable time of professional maturity , in which finesse and musical prowess give him the added value and appeal that make him stand out from the madding crowd.

The tandem quality / delivery time has risen to Koschitzky to the altars of mastering.


Oscar Mulero, Paul Ritch, D.S.E.M., Akiles Claver, Modulaz, Tensal, Christian Wunsch, EXIUM, AIKEN, Jose Pouj, DJ Muerto (Arcanoid), Cristian Varela, Ajnia, DJF, Reeko, Caustica, David Mallada, Danny B, Julio Armada, Kalter Ende, Lower & OSp, Mr Costy, De la swing.


Great labels as ELROW, HOPELESS, Pole Group, Dynamic Reflection, Warm Up Recordings,Trabet Records, Pornographic Recordings, Donkeyhead, among others, since they are hundreds of work carried out within the national electronic scene.

Why choose us

Experience, quality and hundreds of satisfied customers behind us. One of the best sound engineers combined with one of the best studies in terms of equipment. All this guarantees the best possible result of mixing, mastering and production.


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